Widening of Pristavná Street

The need to rebuild Pristavná Street began to be apparent shortly after the Apollo Bridge was completed. In April 2006, the Bratislava City Council’s Transport Committee recommended that town leaders contemplate making the street-widening project an official city project and secure funds for construction. The city then decided to carry out the project.

The main reason to widen Pristavná Street with an additional two traffic lanes is the fact Landererova Street, which continues from Pristavná after the intersection with Košická Street, has two traffic lanes in both directions, while Pristavná had only one. A number of years ago, Metro Bratislava – investor in the construction of the Apollo Bridge – elaborated a coordination study on high-voltage power lines with flood protection and a future widening of Pristavná Street. The relocation of the electrical cables was part of the Apollo Bridge construction project, and was accomplished by laying three 110 kV lines underground, thus enabling the removal of existing towers and overhead lines along Landererova Street up to Plynárenská Street. Thus prepared, the area permits completion of two extra traffic lanes on Pristavná Street without conflicts.

When Pristavná Street is widened, traffic volume may increase from 13,500 vehicles per day to 30,800 vehicles in both directions, at an average speed of 50 kph. The road section from Košická Street to the Pristavný Bridge will be 750 metres long. The two new traffic lanes should be eight metres wide, with a 1.5 metre wide centre lane dividing the road into two parts and with street lighting installed on both sides. According to preliminary calculations, widening Pristavná Street will cost approx. SKK 70 million, including project documentation. The new section should be approved of and placed in service at the beginning of July. Once traffic is redirected onto the new road, the City of Bratislava is planning to repair the current road.