R2 Figa bypass

Construction overview and characteristics
The R2 expressway forms part of the E58 international route Czech Republic – Slovakia – Ukraine, creating a traffic artery in the west-east direction connecting the Czech Republic via Kúty, Bratislava, Nitra, Žiar nad Hronom, Lučenec and Košice to Ukraine.

The construction of the R2 Figa bypass expressway is another stage of the gradual reconstruction of the I/50 road with a grade-separated connection of the R2 expressway to the existing roadway network. Situated north of Figa, it eliminates the need to drive though the village.

The section will begin with a temporary connection to the existing roadway network and end with a smooth connection to the R2 Tornala bypass, creating a single functional unit. Due to high traffic volume, the R2 expressway is being built as half the profile of a future four-lane R22.5/100 road. The left half of this future four-lane highway is built in the R11.5/100 category. Besides the intended future right traffic lanes, there is a plan to build flyovers and to transfer, protect and reconstruct the utility lines.

Metro Investing s.r.o. is carrying out construction supervision for Národná diaľničná spoločnosť (the National Highway Company) on this project.