Košická – Miletičova intersection

Reconstruction of the Košická – Miletičova intersection is part of the Apollo Bridge construction. The reconstruction work could begin only after work at the Košická – Prievozská – Svätoplukova – Mlynské Nivy intersection was finished, as the reconstruction of both intersections at the same time would cut off any access to Dulovo námestie Square. In September 2005, site preparation work began at the parking lot opposite Doprastav headquarters.

In the affected part of Miletičova Street, the road, sidewalks, parking lots and grassed areas were reconstructed along the entire section, the length of which is 600 m. 225 m of Košická Street is involved. The widened configuration connects to the existing road, gradually narrowing the central dividing island at the intersection to 3 m. The existing road, sidewalks and paved asphalt and concrete surfaces with were removed along the entire section. Traffic lights were installed during reconstruction at the nearby Trenčianska – Miletičova intersection, which has the highest traffic accident rate in Bratislava. The end of Košická Street was widened into four traffic lanes.

After reconstruction, Košická – Miletičova is a level intersection with a new traffic light installed at the pedestrian crossing in front of the market. Pedestrian crossings are equipped with acoustic signals for the visually impaired. This will be a significant improvement for the area not only in terms of traffic flow and convenience, but for pedestrian safety as well. From Gemerská to Miletičova Street, Košická Street is now a four-lane divided road with a 1.75 metre median strip. Between Záhradnícka and Trenčianska Streets, Miletičova has been widened into a three-lane road. In order to widen the road, the market and adjacent parking lot had to be narrowed by 2-3 metres along the entire section. Utility lines including water mains, sewage, gas pipes and electricity and telephone lines also underwent reconstruction.

Due to the relocation of power transfer equipment, trolley-bus transport had to be shut down and the entire street closed from Trenčianska to Záhradnícka Streets. Even still, the Košická - Miletičova intersection was always at least partially passable during reconstruction. Despite unforeseen requirements, Metro Bratislava a.s. managed to complete implementation of this investment – amounting to more than SKK 125 million – by the set deadline.