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News | Tram could come into operation already in 2010
Tram could come into operation already in 2010
A tram line from Safarikovo Namestie square to Janikov Dvor is expected already in 2010. Winner of the construction design for the first part from the center to Bosakova Street is to be announced soon, while a tender for second part of the design is going to be launched.


It is expected construction of the first part of the tram line from Safarikovo Namestie Square to Bosakova Street is to be launched probably at the end of next year. However, this part will be fully funded from the city's budget.


The city manages organization of a tender for the second part, which will also be co-funded by railway company. The tender result will lead to another design. The second part of the section begins at the tunnel from Filialka station in Nove Mesto district, leading to Petrzalka around Bosakova Street. From there, it will continue to Janikov Dvor in the form of a half-sunk track.


According to Ing. Tomáš Fabor, the authorized representative of the mayor for traffic issues, working groups are being busy with the second part of the section. The city has to prepare such tender conditions so that the railway company can carry out the design from technical point of view. According to Fabor, cost of this joint capital investment cannot be specified yet. The only fact known is that the European money granted within the operational program could be used to fund relocate utility lines, build fly-overs and under-crossings, railway substructure, superstructure or electric traction.


The city wants to fund other parts of the construction, which cannot be covered by European funds and are related to service, in co-operation with private investors. This work will include construction of station, stops, access roads or parking lots.


In the first stage, up to 2015, the tram will travel on 1000 mm tracks all the way from the center to Janikov Dvor. Once connected with the tunnel, the track gets widened to normal gauge of 1435 mm.


This will create an integrated track system, allowing travel of trains in various directions. According to T. Fabor, the vehicles will not be regular locomotives and wagons, however, a set of two or three electrical carriages that can be connected, if needed. There have been thoughts both track types could be used, as we can see in some German cities. However, such a system would be more complicated.


Source: BN, 12.10.2007