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Hlavne Novinky | Experts’ Conference to Apollo Bridge Anniversary
Experts’ Conference to Apollo Bridge Anniversary
Exactly two years after Apollo Bridge was commissioned, METRO Bratislava, a.s. organized an experts' conference on Public Transport System in Bratislava: Present & Future. Traffic engineers from Espoo, Finland were among guests invited by METRO Bratislava.


The conference was opened by a welcome speech given by Ing. Vladislav Čapček, General Manager of Metro Investing, s.r.o. In the morning hours, the participants had an opportunity to listen to contributions by various presenters on different topics related to the public transport backbone or public transport integration in Bratislava. The Finnish guests were interested especially in the presentation on building process of Apollo Bridge and current effect of the bridge on traffic in Bratislava. In the discussion following the presentation, the participants had a chance to ask questions Ing. Miroslav Maťaščík, the bridge designer, and Ing. Tomáš Fabor, authorized representative of the mayor for traffic issues.


In the afternoon, the Finnish engineers admired Apollo Bridge structure from inside. The were interested not only in the method how it had been built, but also in utilization of other bridges. While climbing to the span, they were accompanied by both METRO Bratislava representatives and Ing. Miroslav Maťaščík, the main bridge designer.