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Hlavne Novinky | Final inspection of Pristavna Street made on 6 September 2007
Final inspection of Pristavna Street made on 6 September 2007

On 6 September 2007, the final inspection of Pristavna Street was made. Once the administrative particulars were done, METRO Bratislava, a.s. handed over the reconstructed Pristavna Street to the capital, its operator.   


Widening of a 750 meters long section of Pristavna Street by two traffic lanes began last November. The original schedule stated end of work by end of June. The deadline of construction work had to be postponed due to additional modification of the road around intersection with Plynarenska Street. At the end of this section, the road level must have been raised when compared to the original design documentation, due to additional covering of the water mains under the road. The water supplier, Bratislavska Vodarenska Spolocnost, did not agree with its water mains was placed under the high-voltage line of the intersection, rather on it. Increase of the road level required modified connection with the existing road on Pristavna Street and a part of road on Plynarenska Street. With regard to the prepared repair of the original road, change of the final road signaling must have been amended and approved.

 (The pictures show the current state of the road. Pictures at the bottom show reconstruction work)