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BLOG | D. Juričkovičová: To Petrzalka by tram
D. Juričkovičová: To Petrzalka by tram
A tram is a transport vehicle thousands of passengers in Bratislava rely upon. We all know it too well: overcrowded coaches, noise and unpleasant vibrations. It all causes decrease of comfort and attractiveness of travel, which cannot be compared to countries where transport on rails is much more pleasant. Each of us would surely like to experience such a travel. After all, tram belongs to the most reliable, fastest and most ecological means of transport. We might be able to bring this dream to reality in future. There are people who study this issue intensively, seeking a solution. However, they are obstructed by the fact our government does not support such a project as much as suitable.

Already in 1989, a project of an underground line construction was created that would connect Petrzalka with other parts of town. Being too much expensive, the thoughts were gradually transferred to the idea of constructing a tram line on Stary Most. Just imagine, if Petrzalka was a self-contained town, it would be the third largest in Slovakia. Therefore, it would really help if a rail traffic was built in Petrzalka, which would be connected to the existing rail network. These days, only buses go to Petrzalka and they are not able to meet the required transport capacity. A possibility to build a tram line in Petrzalka is becoming more real, the only question is when will it start? The project is funded by the government, the Bratislava City, a part will be covered by Euro funds, while another part will be paid from a loan. We are only left to hope the project will finally be brought to a successful end and Petrzalka inhabitants will get a chance to enjoy travel by tram in all of Bratislava without any care of problems.

Dominika Juričkovičová, Natália Slobodová, Michal Vranec